What should i do if my fire does not light or stay lit

  • Check if gas supply is on

  • If the fire is hot wait for the fire to cool down.

  • If your fire has a remote handset, put the handset to one side and get access to the gas valve in the fire (see your user instruction on how to do this, if allowed).

  • Unless your fire is powered by a plug-in power supply, it will have batteries inside the valve to enable it to operate and these may need changing.

  • Gain access to the batteries by removing the battery cover. Check batteries are ok and there is no sign of the batteries leaking or any other contamination of the contacts. If in any doubt replace the batteries with newly purchased good quality alkaline batteries. (i.e. Energizer brand showed good results in our test).

  • When replacing the batteries ensure the battery contacts are clean and free from any contamination that may have come from the old batteries. Polish the contacts of both the valve and batteries to remove any finger print grease etc., being careful not to bend any contacts.

  • Ensure you replace the batteries in the correct orientation

  • Next replace the battery cover on the valve. (This is very important to do before doing the next stage.)

  • Check that the ceramic parts (matrix, coals or logs) on the fire are in the correct place and are in a good condition (according to the fire instructions).

  • Perform any general cleaning of the fire that is recommended in your user instructions, in particular the pilot assembly.

  • Replace any other part of the fire that needed to be removed to access the valve.

  • If the red light on the valve is on, reset the valve by pressing the Power button briefly (the red light will go off).

  • Try to start the fire using the control button(s) on the valve.

  • If your fire still does not light normally, wait until the red light on the valve indicates an error or a lockout. Note: the valve may make several automatic attempts to start the fire, which could take several minutes to complete. Do not interrupt the valve while it does this).
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