Restoring communication with a standard handset (without LCD display).

If the valve operates by the manual buttons on the valve okay but when holding the handset the green light on the handset pulses around once per second when held for a few seconds(or not at all on older handsets), then either :-

  • The gas fire control is out of range of the handset
  • the batteries in the gas fire control are flat or have bad connections etc.
  • the slide switch on the gas fire is in the off position
  • the handset pairing has been broken and needs resetting and pairing again.

  • Note: Taking batteries out or replacing dead batteries does not affect the pairing . The handset remains paired even without batteries inside. To re-establish communication of the handset if lost for any reason, the handset will have to be reset to clear the old pairing information to enable it to accept a new pairing from the gas control. The most common reason for lost pairing is mistakenly pressing the +/- buttons of the valve together and so changing the communication channel.

    Resetting a handset to accept new pairing:-

  • With good batteries inside, hold the handset to unlock the key pad, and press and hold the set button for around 10-15 seconds and keep held until the red and green lights are flashing. They will flash for up to 10 seconds.
  • Quickly while the red and green are flashing, open up the battery compartment on the handset and remove one of the batteries for about 30 seconds.
  • Replace the battery and the battery cover.
  • Now when you hold the handset the green light should be flashing faster(several times a second), the handset is now able to be paired with the valve, see the next section. (Note: If the red and green lights do not flash together, then the handset is probably already reset and ready to pair again.)
  • Restoring communication with a standard handset (without LCD display).

    Once reset go to next section on pairing the handset.

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