Pairing the Handset - Standard Non display type

Ensure the handset and the gas fire control have good batteries

If the handset is in its factory reset condition( as performed in previous section) when held the green light on the handset will be flashing quickly.

(NOTE: Ensure the small isolation slide switch on the top left of the gas fire control is slid to the right, (I) position to turn the power on to the valve).

  • Place the handset near the fire, i.e. within a metre (3 feet). No need to hold the handset at this time.

  • Simultaneously press and hold the - and + buttons on the gas valve control (not the handset) until the red light on top left of fire control begins to flash rapidly,(it will take about 5 seconds to start flashing), then immediately release the - and + buttons and quickly pressing just the power button on the gas fire control valve. Note: Pressing of the power button must be done within 1 second of the red light coming on. If not done quickly enough, then the above must be repeated until done correctly.

  • When done correctly you will hear an audible sound from the handset and the green light on the handset will be flashing more slowly than before. You now have 60 seconds to accept the pairing(if not accepted within 60 seconds the green light stops flashing. Simply repeat the above to send a new pairing. * To accept the pairing sent from the valve hold the handset like a handshake to activate the unlocking of the keypad and press and hold the "SET" button for a few seconds.

  • You will hear a few beeps from the handset and the green light will now be permanently lit when held. When ever the green light is on and not flashing this means the handset is is good communication with the valve. If flashing see earlier sections for the possible reason(s).

  • Note: There is a certain way to press the power button to enable the fire to start that may not be obvious. This is done for safety reasons. Read the next section on operating the handset to show how to press the start button correctly.

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