If fire still does not work correctly

Double check the above steps, particularly if the batteries are good and are in the correct way and everything is clean.
If your fire user instructions cover cleaning the pilot follow these instructions. Reset the valve by pressing the Power button as described above. Then try a starting again.

Repeat starting attempts several times. If fire still does not work you may need help from a service engineer to service the problem. The appliance may need a good clean as debris may be stopping the fire from working properly. Check your user instructions on this and seek a service engineer if necessary to do this work for you as advised there.

If the fire does work correctly when using the valve operation buttons, pick up the handset to check that it is working as well. When holding the handset firmly (like a handshake), the green unlock keypad light should be permanently lit (not flashing).

If the green it is not lit at all :-

  • Check the batteries in the handset are good, there is no contamination of the battery contacts, the contacts are not bent (preventing the battery contacts from touching them) and are in the correct way around
  • Note: If the battery contacts are contaminated, (i.e. from old batteries leaking), this may damage the handset and a new one may need to be purchased.
  • Clean and replace with new batteries as necessary.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The pairing of the handset is already done for you during manufacturing and is not forgotten if the batteries are removed.( If using a handset with display, the time will be lost after some minutes of no power but the pairing will remain. Refer to the instructions on how to set the time to restore the time to the display. Do not press the buttons on the valve to make a new pairing. If you do then you will have to reset the handset to accept an new pairing and make a new pairing, see the sections on restoring handset communication).

    If the green indicator is flashing like a heart beat, it is not in communication with the valve for some reason.

    Communication can be lost by:

  • The slide switch on the valve not in the on (I) position (see front page)
  • The batteries need replacing in the valve (see section above)
  • The handset is too far away from the fire (it needs to be within a few metres)
  • If the above are correct, and the handset is still flashing, then the pairing on the valve may have been accidentally altered and the handset will need to be reset and a new pairing performed to restore communication
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