E00 - Explanation

This is the only code where the red indicator stays permanently lit without flashing (on newer models the indictor will dim after a few minutes to save battery power). E00 occurs after attempting (but failing) to light after all automatic start cycle(s). If this happens it is a sign that the electromagnet within the valve has not received enough power from the thermocouple at the end of the start cycle(s). The main burner may light for 15 to 30 seconds on each start cycle but then go off.

Possible reasons:

Thermocouple - Not being heated or heated quickly enough

  • No gas at all to pilot /main burner
  • Check gas supply is on and supply pipes for contamination that may be blocking gas flow to the valve inlet.
  • Pilot pipe from valve to pilot blocked
  • Pilot injector blocked.
  • Pilot head damaged or contaminated stopping good flame heating thermocouple.
  • Debris from fire ceramics out of position or causing carbon deposits to contaminate pilot.
  • Small pilot hole blocked by lint
  • No Spark at electrode, tracking out somewhere (i.e. damaged isolation, spark gap too wide, damaged electrode – crack in ceramic, dirt or soot on electrode or ceramic body of electrode.)
  • Flame is not touching the spark electrode. (The electrode needs to be in the flame as the valve is sensing the flame through the electrode and cable in addition to the thermocouple).
  • Flame signal shorted out. This can occur if any liquids (i,e, leak detection spray) has been used and contaminated the area of the pilot terminals connection or inner workings of the valve.
  • Spark cable is open circuit. Spark may be present as it can jump gaps but if there is a break in the cable or if inner metal terminal under ignition cable plastic terminal cover on valve is not in good contact with the high voltage outlet connection terminal on the valve, then valve will not continue after ignition cycle as no sensing current is reaching the valve. Another sign of this fault is the control may light the pilot but not the main burner and will not stop sparking, as it has not detected a flame.
  • Thermocouple is aged or damaged and is not producing enough output
  • The insulation on the thermocouple wire is damaged ( i.e. on a sharp edge) and the electrical current is shorted to chassis metal).

  • Note: If stop is pressed during a start cycle, E00 may also be generated. This is normal and not a failure condition. The valve can attempt self fix issues. When an E00 code has been displayed this will initiate a recalibration of the internal valve mechanics to compensate possible deviations due to contamination, ageing and so on. If the fire does not light on the first cycle, allow the valve to complete

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