Chimney or Flue Type

Your choice of fire may be dictated by the type of chimney or flue in your home. if you are not sure then take a look at your roof and cross-reference it with the simple guide below. Don't worry if you don't have a fixed flue, there are many gas fires that are available as a Powerflue or balanced flue model and a fantastic range of electric fires.

Chimney or Flue Type

Brick Chimney

A conventional brick chimney is recognisable by a chimney stack with a terracotta pot or gas terminal.

Chimney or Flue Type

Pre-Fabricated Flue

This is an interlocking flue tube system, identifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof, and a metal flue box behind the fire.

Chimney or Flue Type

Pre-Cast Flue

Pre-cast flues can be identified by a ridge vent or metal flue tube and terminal on the roof. Constructed from concrete or clay blocks they form a rectangular section flue. All fires featuring this icon are only suitable for pre-cat flues conforming to BS EN 1858.

Chimney or Flue Type

Balanced Flue

Balanced Flue fires vent directly outside through a horizontal co-axial pipe (one pipe within a larger pipe). The Outer pipe draws air in from the outside and the inner pipe expels combustion gases.

Chimney or Flue Type


Powerflue fires expel the combustion gases directly outside the building through the use of an electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall.

Chimney or Flue Type

No Chimney

If you do not have a chimney/flue and do not want to install a balanced flue or Powerflue product then an electric fire may be the best option for you.

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