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About Us
Style and Efficiency ... Crafted in Britain

Explore the pages of this website, and you'll see stunning fires with the power to transform a room - fabulous open-sided models, sleek 'hole-in-the-wall' designs and easy-to-install fires that don't need a chimney.

Each of our models starts from a design concept nurtured by our research and development team. Before we even start to manufacture, the model is assessed and approved by leading independent organisations. Each fire is then made with the utmost care in our state-of-the-art development and manufacturing site here in the UK. And only when a fire has been rigorously checked by our quality control department does it leave our hands.

Choose a fire from The Collection by Michael Miller and you can rest assured the beauty is more than skin-deep. Behind the sleek glass and warming flames lie a technological innovation and dedicated craftsmanship, backed by a 25 Year Guarantee. 


" When I imagine my ideal home, I imagine the perfect combination of form and function. And right at the heart of my home, a fire that impresses me with its looks, its innovation and its efficiency.

A fire is never just a fire. It's a statement of style that bring a home to life. So, we've crafted this stunning collection of unique gas fires - each of them created to offer you the highest quality and superb efficiency. They look beautiful; they work beautifully." - Michael Miller

BFM Europe Ltd has always had a reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most efficient fires on the market. Now we are setting new industy standards with The Collection by Michael Miller range and providing exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs compared to standard gas fires.

All gas fires in this range feature a glass panel across the front of the fire which radiates the heat generated from the fuel bed directly intothe room. The glass panel concentrates the radiant heat generated by the flame effect and projects it directly into the room to ensure that more heat is used to warm the room and less is lost through the chimney.

This radiant heat is combined with convected heat which is produced by cool air drawn into the fire through the heat exchanger and emitted as warm air through the gap above the canopy. This is what makes our gas fires some of the most efficient available.

Many of the fires found on this website have a balanced flue system, designed for those who want all the benefits of a gas fire but don't have a built in chimney or flue in their home. They work in much the same way as our conventional flue fires but come with their own flue terminal which is vented directly through an outside wall or via the roof of your home. Several of our balanced flue fires can be purchased with either a horizontal or vertical flue kit to give you more flexibility in the location of your fireplace.


All our gas fires are independently tested, approved and verified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The BSI is an independent organisation. They are not owned by the government, industry or shareholders, which means that they can be totally objective with regards testing and certification. This gives their assessments more authority than those of an organization that has a vested interest in promoting its members.

They have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the world and are recognised internationally for their technical expertise, quality services and in-depth knowledge of gas, electrical, oil and solid fuel product testing
and certification.

The wide-ranging capability of their testing facilities and the broad expertise and knowledge of their testing and certification staff ensures our products are rigorously tested with the utmost integrity.


BFM Europe, as a responsible manufacturer of space heating products are committed to producing products of the highest quality, performance and energy efficiency and as such we fully embrace such initiatives as the Eco design directive Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, which serve to better inform the customer of energy efficiency related information across all product sectors in our industry. Please be assured we have been continuously developing our extensive brand portfolio of products to meet the stringent requirements of these regulations and therefore we will continue to be in a position to provide customers with a market leading range of gas products.

The Collection 25 Year Guarentee

Every gas fire in The Collection carries a 25 Year Comprehensive Guarantee providing you with reassurance and peace of mind for many years to come.

This means that we will guarantee your fire for twenty five years against manufacturing and material defects, including parts and labour, subject to our ‘Conditions of guarantee’ including annual service and annual replacement of the oxy-pilot assembly.

We offer this guarantee, unlike any other gas fire manufacturer, as a sign of our commitment to the highest standards of build quality, safety and performance. In line with gas industry practice, we advise that all our gas fires are installed and serviced annually* by a Gas Safe Register engineer to ensure continued safe operation and optimum performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

To register your guarantee please complete and return the guarantee claim card supplied with your new fire or click here to complete your registration online.

* This is also a requirement of your 25 Year Guarantee.

Celsi Electric Fires 5 Year Guarantee

We are confident you are getting a product that is built to last. That’s why we offer a 2 Year Guarantee across our electric fires range, with an extended 3* years limited warranty on selected Celsi models.

2 years full guarantee and 3* years parts only. Only applicable to electric fire engines. Fire Surrounds and Fascias are subject to 12 months guarantee.

To register your guarantee please complete and return the guarantee claim card supplied with your new fire or click here to complete your registration online

About BFM Europe

BFM Europe design, manufacture and supply gas fires, electric fires and solid fuel stoves.

We are the fastest growing gas fire manufacturer in the country with an unequaled reputation for quality and service. Our success is due to a combination of an uncompromising attitude to design and manufacturing standards and an unprecedented investment in technology and personnel.

The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent with a 51,000 sq ft purpose-built plant, housing the most up-to-date manufacturing, sales, and training facilities in the industry, including:

The latest CNC sheet metal technology that guarantees precision engineering An experienced R&D department, constantly developing innovative products and pushing the boundaries of technology and aesthetics.

About BFM Europe

"At BFM Europe we know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living environment. That's why we have developed this collection of fires and stoves to suit all tastes and purposes. I believe our success stems from a combination of innovative design, investment in technology, and the highest quality manufacturing standards. This website has been designed to make the purchase of your new fire as simple as possible. I hope you find it both informative and inspiring." Michael Miller, Managing Director

We Are Different

  • British-Made Quality
  • A Purpose-Built Facility
  • Product Tested & Certified by BSI
  • Extended Manufacturer Warranties
  • Experienced Retailer Network
  • At BFM Europe we know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living environment. That's why we have developed this collection of fires and stoves to suit all tastes and purposes.

    We believe our success stems from a combination of innovative design, investment in technology and the highest quality manufacturing standards.

    8 Unique Brands

    Today BFM Europe design and manufacture gas fires and electric fires under eight established consumer brands - Kinder, Flavel, Verine, Global, Kohlangaz, The Collection by Michael Miller, Celsi, and Portway, with products covering a large range of heating related items.

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