Wood Burning Stoves

Portway wood burning stoves are British designed and manufactured. They are amongst the most efficient stoves on the market today and boast efficiencies of 75%.

Portway wood burning stoves are very economical to run and can easily burn for 10 hours or more on a single filling of fuel. So, you burn less fuel to get more heat compared to other similar wood burning stoves on the market. The other main factor in favour of installing wood burning stoves is that they are very environmentally friendly. Oddly, many people would assume the exact opposite since they can see that a wood burning stove is clearly burning wood and creating smoke that contains carbon emissions. They tend to overlook that the “clean” electricity that enters their house has itself been created by burning fuel – almost always a fossil fuel such as coal, gas or oil. 

The main difference between the two is that wood, unlike fossil fuels, is renewable and in the course of growing new wood (i.e. trees) carbon is extracted from the atmosphere and locked back up inside the wood. Trees, like all other living organisms, do not live forever and a dead tree can be seen as either waste material or a useful source of energy. The carbon stored in a dead tree is eventually released back into the atmosphere regardless, so burning it on wood burning stoves releases no more carbon than leaving it to rot. It is a more or less balanced carbon cycle. 

It is for this very reason that many architects and builders now incorporate energy saving wood burning stoves in their designs for new buildings, providing an economical and aesthetically pleasing domestic space heating, hot water and optional cooking solution and much more easily comply with ever tougher regulations targeting low carbon emissions.

The Portway collection of wood burning stoves features the Portway 2 traditional model which is distinguished by its clean styling and good looks, along with producing considerably less ash than other wood burning stoves on the market. Whilst Portway 3 features an extra large viewing area and ability to take logs up to 500mm in length.