Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Multi fuel wood burning stoves are popular with consumers as they give the dual option of what fuel you can choose to burn. This gives a degree of flexibility to help you with local supplies. You may be in an area where solid fuel is readily available from a merchant who can deliver. Alternatively you may have access to supplies of the right type of hard wood needed to be burnt in a stove along with the appropriate storage facilities.

Portway multi fuel wood burning stoves have been specifically engineered to be simple in design, easy to use and still produce the lowest levels of carbon monoxide emissions, making them exceptionally clean burning. Portway stoves use a single pre-heated airwash system to keep the glass window clean. The design is so cleverly simple that there is no need for the second, and in some cases, third airwash system included by other stove manufacturers to provide a clean burning product. 

Portway multi fuel wood burning stoves have been approved using the most sophisticated research and test systems in the industry and the design success can be merited to 150 years of experience and a dedicated team of research engineers. As a result Portway multifuel wood burning stoves are the cleanest, most efficient and most easily controllable stoves available today, and they all achieve 75%+ efficiency and are rated as Class A products. 

The Portway 2 Contemporary multi fuel stove is a steel stove featuring a large viewing window and it is exceptionally easy to operate. Available in a choice of two colours – charcoal or black – there are also three leg heights to choose from. This stove can burn for up to 10 hours and takes log lengths up to 410mm or 16”. There are options to customise your stove with window inserts or alternative coloured doors – in a choice of ruby red or arctic grey. This stove has exemption from the Clean Air Act 1993 and is therefore suitable for smokeless zones as recommended by DEFRA.