Log Burning Stoves

Log burning stoves have always offered a very popular and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Log burning stoves have always offered a very popular way to heat your home and with huge increases in fuel prices they can also represent a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. 

Potentially significant savings in running costs (especially with constantly rising prices for gas, oil and electricity) can be added to the good looks of log burning stoves. Most people fall in love with a traditional fireplace effect and the cosy warmth offered by log burning stoves that more conventional forms of space heating just seem to lack. Add to that the fact that the latest log burning stoves are very clean and easy to use and maintain. 

Modern wood or log burning stoves are very energy efficient and the price of the fuel compares extremely favourably with fossil fuel alternatives. Potential energy savings can be anywhere between 3 to 8 times depending on the exact comparison and location. With oil prices constantly rising, anyone living in a remote location and dependent on an oil tank for their main fuel might want to seriously consider cutting their losses before things get even worse. 

Whether you are looking for a stylish ultra modern look or a traditional country kitchen style there’s a log burning stove to suit your lifestyle – the choice is simply enormous. No matter what you choose though, log burning stoves will always add a nice homely touch and people somehow seem to gravitate towards them. There’s something very romantic too about the ambience created by a log burning stove! 

Depending on the brand of log burning stove that you buy and the heat level at which you want to let your stove burn, this will influence the regularity at which you will need to top up with more logs. British-made Portway Stoves are amongst the most efficient stoves on the UK market, boasting efficiencies of over 75%! They are also exceptionally economical to run and can easily burn for 10 hours or more and will consume less fuel to get more heat compared to similar products. 

In addition the Portway collection of log burning stoves offers consumers a range of stoves in different sizes, with the Portway 1 at 390mm wide offering the smaller home the option of having a stove installed whose proportions do not overwhelm a compact area. This log burning stove will take a log up to 300mm in length and with its clean lines and contemporary styling will find favour in an uncluttered environment. 

The larger Portway 3 Wood, log burning stove, is a dedicated wood burner with an extra large viewing window and large capacity firebox to reduce the number of times you need to re-fuel. It also features a fully insulated high efficiency double base making the Portway 3 log burning stove very efficient at extremely high temperatures.