Keeping a Wood Burning Stove well maintained

Good care and maintenance will extend the life of your wood burning stove leaving you to enjoy its warmth and cosiness throughout the long winter nights.

As sturdy as a wood burning stove is, good care and maintenance will extend the life of your wood burner. The better kept the chimney and hearth, the easier to light and more enjoyable your experience will be.

Over a long period of time your stove may fade due to use. Stove paint is available to keep your wood burning stove looking new and to cover any paint chips or scratches. 
Before you start using your wood burning stove ensure that the chimney has been maintained. Depending on how often you use your stove at home, think about hiring a professional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney and fireplace to ensure that it is completely safe and free from excessive soot. This might at first seem an expensive outlay, though in truth this comes at a very valuable price.

The first thing to do before you light your stove is to make sure it is swept and cleaned before use. The grate can be raked with a poker and the remaining ash swept away with a brush. Any remaining unburned logs and a small level of ash can be useful when kept to help light your new fire.

With a wood burning stove it is advisable to take the utmost care when cleaning as your previous fire may contain hot ashes and cinder. Beware when you empty the ash. 
The glass window on the front of your stove can become blackened, blocking out the glorious flames from view. When the stove is cold, a damp cloth will easily remove the soot to reveal the clear glass again.

Finally, the vents will occasionally need unblocking and firebricks checking to ensure a safe and efficient wood burning stove. All things in check will help the life and workings of your wood burning stove, making your winter nights enjoyable, cosy and warm.