Gas Fire Installation

In addition to designing and manufacturing gas fires that not only look fantastic, and are also highly efficient, one of Flavel's key objectives is to make life as simple and hassle free as possible for the installer by easing the process of gas fire installation.

Many time-saving features have been designed into the manufacturing process. As a result BFM Europe is confident that once an installer has fitted one of their Flavel ‘Fitter Friendly’ gas fires, they will not want to fit anything else. Many of these features help the installer to complete the gas fire installation in good time and without complications so that they can move on to the next job in a timely fashion and maximise their own time and resources. 

For example every Flavel gas fire comes with a fixing kit containing wire and fixing eyes. These eliminate the additional time normally needed to drill the back panel.

Here are just some of the features and benefits of Flavel ‘Fitter Friendly’ fires that make gas fire installation that much easier:

1 Fixing wire kit 
Flavel fires come with a fixing kit containing wire and fixing eyes that eliminate the need to drill the back panel 

2 Accessible gas connection 
The gas connection on Flavel insets is located front left of the control panel for easy access 

3 Flange seal 
Flavel’s foam seal eliminates the requirement of sealing the fire box to the back panel 

4 Step by step Installation instructions 
Comprehensive yet easy to understand installation instructions are downloadable at (insert correct link) 

5 Pre-cut gas entry points 
The firebox has a number of semi-pierced knock-outs incorporated into it to allow the installer to bring in the gas supply pipe at the most suitable point 

6 Easy burner assembly removal 
The burner can be removed as a complete assembly, enabling easier installation and servicing 

7 Restrictor elbow included 
Flavel fires come with a restrictor elbow to isolate the gas supply. These are located at the front left of the control panel for ease of access 

With time saving features such as these Flavel backs up their claim to manufacture only ‘Fitter Friendly’ fires, which are available through all good distributors and merchants. For further information contact Flavel on 01782 339000.