Gas Fire Coals

Buy replacement GAS FIRE COALS direct from leading British heating appliance manufacturer BFM Europe.

All gas fires should be checked and, if necessary to comply with manufacturer’s guarantees, serviced annually. Your engineer will advise you if the coals, logs or pebbles need replacing and will be able to assist in obtaining the correct replacements. Generally the artificial fuel will last for many years although this will clearly depend on usage. 

So should you be looking for replacement coals for your own gas fire or, if you are an engineer, for your customer’s gas fires, you can now buy these direct from leading British heating appliance manufacturer BFM Europe. 

Replacement gas fire coals for BFM’s brands – Verine, Kinder and Flavel – can be purchased by calling the dedicated and experienced spare parts sales team at BFM. A huge range of coals for their various fire types and models are always in stock along with stocks of gas fire pebbles, gas fire logs and other fuel bed decorations. 

BFM Europe welcomes and services orders from consumers or engineers who do not hold direct accounts with the company and aims to fulfil orders within 7-10 working days. 

Please contact the after sales team to place your order using the spare parts direct phone line on 01782 339034. 

In addition all gas fire spares can be purchased direct from BFM and required parts and codes can be located by going to the PartFinder facility on the BFM Europe Website.