Fire Surrounds

Choosing the right types and styles of fire surrounds is vital to creating the focal point of your living area and key to creating a warm and welcoming ambience. 

To have an outstanding fireplace, you must be able to incorporate the total design with a great fire surround design. The first thing you have to consider is the functionality of your fireplace. You have to know whether the fireplace you have in mind will be there for decorative purposes only or will be used to provide warmth for the home. If you plan to have fire burning in it, then you have to think of how to ventilate it. Clearance requirements must also be met. 

Not only do fire surrounds add beauty to the room, they will even give the room its much needed character and personality. 

When choosing fire surrounds bear in mind that you should complement the other exterior design pieces like the mantel and the trim. The mantel and the trim affects the overall appearance of the fireplace, thus, it is recommended that you match fire surrounds with these elements. Whether you have contemporary or traditional design in your home will help you to identify the type of fire surround style you will incorporate in your design. 

There are various materials that can be used for fire surrounds including wood, plaster, cast iron, limestone and other natural stones, marble and resin or synthetics such as Travertine. There are also fire surrounds that are genuinely antique or are reproductions based on designs from the Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian eras for example. 

Sometimes fire surrounds are the most commonly forgotten aspect of the entire fireplace design but this should not be so. Whilst you have to consider things like the type of fireplace and the type of fuel to be used to run it, in the end, it is not necessarily the colour of the flame burning that catches the eye. Instead, it is what frames the flames and so, having a well-designed fire surround is very important if you want to create a lasting impression. 

As with any major purchase you make for your home you want to be assured that you are obtaining the best quality that you can for your budget. BFM Europe Ltd has a beautiful range of Portuguese Limestone fire surrounds under its Kinder brand, famously known as a premium gas fire brand and supported by a UK network of fully trained independent fire retailers. 

Kinder Fire Surrounds have been designed to impress, with the emphasis firmly on clean lines but embracing both traditional and contemporary designs. They are manufactured in luxurious Portuguese Limestone which is a natural product and as such can be subject to variation in colour and veining. Small fossils and crystal lines may also be apparent in some sections of limestone making it an inherent feature of the product. These are not defects but mean that every fire surround will be entirely unique.