Enjoy the convenience of an electric fire

The beauty of an electric fire is that it’s clean, efficient, economic and so versatile - you are free to enjoy it in any room in your home.

We all love to see and gather round a beautiful glowing fire and enjoy its cosiness and comfort. 

However, do you prefer to avoid the potential inconvenience and mess that can be created by having a real solid fuel fire – not to mention the time it can take to lay and light? Does your property have flue or gas supply constraints? Then the obvious solution, which is also a much simpler solution, is to buy an electric fire. 

With no annual service to worry about, and little or no installation costs, the argument for going electric just gets better. The beauty of electric is that it’s clean, efficient and economic. 

And best of all, because of the versatility and mobility of electric fires you are free to enjoy any of these fantastic heating appliances in any room in your home – not just the living room - simply by plugging into the nearest mains socket. 

Today’s electric fires have come a long way from the stereotypical image of a single bar electric fire that consumed electricity and cost a fortune to run! In fact there is no more versatile fuel for home heating than electricity. 

With a choice ranging from highly chic wall mounted ‘hang-on-the-wall’ fires, to hearth mounted electric fires right through to stylish and classically designed fire suites, there is now an electric fire design to suit any home. 

An electric fire is also a welcoming focal point all year round as many now have what is termed a ‘flame picture’ only setting. Unlike gas or solid fuel fires, this allows you to enjoy an atmospheric glow even when it is too warm to turn on the heat and this is a particularly useful feature of an electric fire during the darker evenings of spring and autumn. 

Many electric fires can now be operated using a remote control handset, allowing you to sit back and have heat control at your fingertips. In addition many electric fire models have a built-in thermostatic control which allows you to set the heat at your desired temperature.