Electric Fires UK

Over the past ten years or so there has been a huge drop in the use of regular coal fires and a similar surge in the popularity of electric fires in the UK as a secondary source of domestic heating. There are a number of reasons for this including an increase in environmental awareness, the large hikes in fossil fuel prices and the fact that many people have long since switched over to alternative means of heating. Add to that the absolute convenience of electric as an energy source and it’s not hard to see why electric fires in the UK are increasingly popular. 

In addition electric fires are starting to take over from traditional fireplaces as many people focus instead on the aesthetics as opposed to the actual heat giving properties of their fire place. 

Because of this, the electric fires UK market has exploded in recent years, with numerous electric heating appliance manufacturers now offering a wide range of electric fires from basic budget models to aspirational and fully functional models that come with a consequent price tag. 

Making an impact on the electric fires UK market is Celsi, one of BFM Europe’s premium fire brands. Based in Stoke-on-Trent the company has an unrivalled knowledge of the electric fires UK market place and has put together a range of electric fires that now incorporate the models formerly branded as Flavel, another of the company’s brands.

The merger of the 2 ranges has resulted in a comprehensive collection of inset electric fires, for installation into a chimney breast (maybe vacated by a gas fire), or chic designer-led, ‘Hang on the wall’ electric fires, which are ideal for any room where space is an issue as they do not require floor space. The Celsi Panoramic and Curved models are some of the most advanced designed electric fires in the UK. 

The success of the Celsi brand of electric fires for the UK relies on a combination of innovative design, investment in technology and the highest quality manufacturing standards. As a result all Celsi electric fires carry a 2 year guarantee.