Electric Fires- Simple to install, operate and run

The greatest benefit of electric fires is that they are extremely simple to operate and install, and so cost effective to run.

Electric fires produce heat through an electrical element that heats the air around it. This air then rises and is replaced by cooler air which is in turn warmed by the element. This continuous process creates a cycle of convected warm air into the room. 

Whilst there are many styles of electric fire the method of heating is the same. For example an electric stove may look like a stove but it works in the same way as an electric fire, through an electrical element. 

An inset electric fire is ideal for filling a space left by a gas fire or other heating unit that may have been removed. ‘Hang on the wall’ electric fires are ideal for any room where space is an issue as they do not require floor space. An electric fire suite includes a surround too, making one less job that needs to be done once you have installed your electric fire.

There are a number of advantages to installing an electric fire in your home. Due to there being no need for a flue It is very easy to install an electric fire and also relatively inexpensive. Electric fires also are very easy to maintain as they require little or no maintenance or cleaning. They are also silent running and very safe because there is no burning of any fuels within the fire, thus reducing the risk of any kind of leak. 

An electric fire is 100% efficient at the point of use and all of the heat produced flows into the room with none being lost through, for example, a flue. Another advantage is that electric fires can be fitted with an electronic thermostat to make the heating of your room extremely controllable. If used wisely then this controllability that thermostats offer can significantly help reduce the cost of running an electric fire and keep your energy bills on track.