Contemporary Wood Burners

Wood burners or wood burning stoves, as they are also known, are available in a variety of guises ranging from steel, cast iron and even ceramic in both traditional and modern designs. The most important factor if you are thinking of installing a wood burner is a ready supply of well seasoned wood that is kept in a dry storage area. 

Portway wood burners are British designed and manufactured. They are amongst the most efficient stoves on the market today and boast efficiencies of 75%+. Such is their efficiency and clean burning properties, that they can also be used in smoke control areas having been certified ‘exempt’ from the Clean Air Act 1993 by DEFRA. These wood burners produce considerably less ash than other wood burners on the market. 

Portway includes a number of contemporary wood burners within their range as British taste is turning towards wood burners that are at home in contemporary and minimalist settings. The Portway design team has therefore come up with a contemporary wood burner design in three sizes. Each features a stylish modern design and extra large viewing window. Made from 5mm thick steel with cast iron doors and grates they all have the option to customise the window with a range of patterns. For simplicity and to meet the objective of being contemporary wood burners a clear window works best. 

The beauty of the Portway contemporary wood burners is that they have the option to add low or high legs which presents a neat opportunity for the storage of logs under the wood burner either as a decorative effect or for ease of re-fuelling. 

With regards to energy consumption Portway wood burners will easily burn for ten hours or more on a single filling of suitable wood, which means you need to burn less fuel to get more heat than many other wood burners that are currently on the market. This makes them extremely economical to run because wood is still one of the cheapest fuel types available today.

The Portway collection of wood burners features the Portway 1 model which is completely at home in a smaller home environment. The Portway 2 contemporary wood burner is distinguished by its clean styling and good looks. The Portway 3 is able to take logs up to 500mm in length.