Contemporary stoves for the contemporary styled home

A new breed of contemporary styled stoves has been making an entrance, and a considerable impact on the UK stove market

Wood burning stoves have become firmly established as a ‘must have’ in the traditional country home. They lend themselves beautifully to the image of cosy, chintzy, cottage style backdrops, lending ambience and atmosphere to living areas. 

But more recently a new breed of contemporary styled stoves has been making an entrance, and a considerable impact on the UK stove market. They fit perfectly into warehouse conversion lofts and innovative new build developments. 

In response to these building trends and to minimalist interior design trends the traditional stove has taken on both a new look and a new range of options. Designers and homeowners can now specify contemporary stoves that feature clean, sleek lines, are free of mouldings and decorative extras and moreover are available in different fuel types such as multifuel and gas. They typically feature portrait styling, large glass windows and some contrast colours such as ceramic doors. 

Portway, one of the UK’s leading stove manufacturers, designs a stunning range of contemporary styled stoves. In consultation with leading interior designers and home decor experts Portway’s contemporary range is refreshingly simple in presentation and one of its major features is its incredible ultra slim depth. This means that a Portway stove can be installed into the widest possible range of fireplaces. 

Portway contemporary stoves are available in black and charcoal. Some models have a ruby red or arctic grey ceramic door option and in a setting with lots of black, white, chrome, silver and glass, a white wood or resin fire surround works very well. Bring out the door colour in the decor for maximum effect. If the surround has a mantel shelf that extends several inches from the wall the whole feature can be personalised with the latest canvas frameless pictures, contemporary ornaments and stunning candles. 

These decorative additions stand out in stark contrast to the plain white of the fire surround. In addition if the walls of the room are painted or wall papered in dark colours like gray, black or navy blue, the white surround and the stove combine to stand out even more. 

Alternatively why not give the traditional inglenook a facelift and instead of being created in traditional brick, bring it up to date with tiles in granite or other contemporary finishes? Glass tiles can even be used and there is now a huge range available at all DIY stores. Make a contrast feature out of the lintel crafted in pale stone or pale wood. 

If fireplaces to house your stove are not your thing then it’s easy to make a feature out of the stove itself by placing it on a simple hearth for maximum effect. Again, using contemporary tiles and materials a stylish ‘platform’ can be created sized to suit the dimensions of the room. And depending on the flue arrangements in the home, the stove doesn’t necessarily have to be located against a wall, but can be sited further into a living area or in between rooms. 

Portway contemporary stoves come in a range of sizes and are very competitively priced. View the range online at where you can also search for a local stockist.