Boost Boiler options with versatile Portway multifuel stove.

Boost Boilers can typically provide all hot water and heat a number of large radiators depending on the size of stove chosen by a home owner.

The ever increasing price of energy sources such as gas and oil for central hearing has led to a resurgence in the popularity of stoves with boost boilers. 

Portway stoves are designed and manufactured in the UK. They have a strong heritage and reputation as some of the most efficient and clean burning stoves on the market, boasting efficiencies of over 75%. 

All Portway freestanding multifuel stoves can be fitted with a Boost Boiler which can replace a significant proportion of your heating needs with carbonneutral biofuel such as wood. 

The size of the stove installed will dictate the number of radiators that can be heated and how water produced. As a rough guide a Boost Boiler fitted to a Portway 1 stove can produce enough heat for all your hot water supply plus one large radiator. The Portway 2 can provide all hot water plus heat for up to two large radiators, and Portway 3 can provide all hot water plus heat for up to three large radiators. 

To calculate which size stove suits your requirements allow 1.2kW of heat output for hot water and 0.06kW per m3 of room space for winter heating and 0.04kW per m3 for spring/autumn heating. 

Therefore, the Portway 2 stove with a maximum heat output of 7kW should provide enough power to heat all hot water and up to 96.6m3 of room space during the winter period. The exact values will depend on the room construction and exposure, and the size of the radiator and water store. 

Boost Boilers are exceptionally easy to install and can even be retro-fitted if you decide at a later date that you would like to benefit from lower fuel costs and a heating service which is completely independent of mains supply.