Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Used Fireplace or Stove?These days, who doesn’t want to take advantage of a bargain? Just as many smart buyers opt to purchase used cars, since a brand new car loses thousands in value as soon as it is driven off the lot, many homeowners are wondering if buying a used fireplace or stove is also a good way to save money. When you buy the highest quality heating appliances with the best efficiency ratings, they can be quite costly. There are definitely times when buying one of these appliances used makes good sense, but that’s not always the case. The following are some tips on what to ask the current owner along with other pertinent considerations that can help you determine whether or not to buy a particular used fireplace or stove.What to ask Previous Owners of Fireplaces and StovesThe condition of a used fireplace or stove is one of the most important factors that should help you determine whether it’s a good buy. In the same way that used car buyers kick the tyres or take a test drive, you need to check out the appliance, ask questions, and try to determine what its true condition is. Here are some good questions to ask the seller:Have you been happy with this product? If so, why are you selling it? How often was the fireplace or stove used? Has the appliance ever needed repair? What type of fuel has been burned in it? Was the wood seasoned? Did the appliance have maintenance at least annually? What was the original value and/or cost of the fireplace or stove? Is there any warranty left on the product?Buying a used Gas FireInstalling a fireplace or stove can be just as expensive as the product itself. In fact, between the cost of a chimney pipe and labour costs, the expense of getting everything right so that the appliance can be safely used may be greater than the cost of the pre-owned fireplace or stove itself. If you are enclosing the stove pipe of an aged fireplace in a new wall, is the life of the appliance worth that expense? Other considerations follow:Does the appliance meet building regs and insurance requirements?Check with your trusted fireplace maintenance company to find out whether they are willing to install the used fireplace or stove you are thinking about buying. The reality is that most reputable chimney sweep companies will not take on the liability of installing items that are extremely old, largely because there is a lack of needed information to ensure safety. The brand is important to consider because two stoves of the same age are not equally valuable when one is made well and the other is not.Deal-BreakersIf the fireplace or stove has obvious signs of excessive wear and tear, the best decision would be to pass on the opportunity. You’d be better off buying a new product because any cost benefits you might have in a used appliance are lost if it is already nearing the end of its usefulness.