This is a question very often asked by customers looking to purchase a new fire. The answer isn’t as simple as one or the other. How you use the Fire will come down to which is best for you, when it comes to the overall running cost. Firstly you have to ask yourself, how you intend to use the fire. Is it for a glow in your room at night or are you going to use it as main source of heat in the room in which it is.

If you intend to use the fire as a “flame effect” something you can have in your room to give of a nice glow in the evening as you relax in you room. Then of course an electric fire would be the more cost effective product to go for. The average Electric Fire that has LED lights, will cost as little as 0.5p an hour.

Now if you decided use the fire as a heat source, then a gas fire is the right way to go. If you were to run the Oasis Plus on low which is an output of 2.3kW, then the cost of running is 17.56p per hour. If you were to run an electric fire at 2kW, then the cost of running is 27.72p per hour.


Here is a basic break down of kWh Gas Vs. Electric

These cost per kWh are based on (Energy Trust March 2016)

Electric kWh 13.86p

Gas kWh 4.18p


Running a Celsi Electriflame Electric Fire for 4hours

LED Lights 2p

0.9 kW 49.88p

1.8 kW £1.11


Running a Kinder Oasis Plus Gas Fire for 4hours

Low 2.3 kW 70.24p

High 4.6 kW £1.15


This clearly shows that Electric Fires are by far the cheapest to run as an effect only, but when used as a heat source Gas Fires will give more than twice the heat output for around the same cost.