You can start your relationship with BFM Europe even before you visit a retailer to see and touch, to open and close, to play with control knobs and otherwise explore BFM Europe gas fire, electric fire or stove using all your senses. 

Facebook - You ask, we reply. 

Many of our customers turn to Facebook for quick tips and advice about our products. We understand that product knowledge in our industry can be quite complicated, we are more than happy to help with any queries you have. We also love it when you post pictures of your BFM Europe gas fire, electric fire or stove! See

Youtube - see new products and features

On Youtube you can find short videos of every single product BFM Europe has to offer. It is vital to see the fire in action before you purchase to make sure you are happy with the effect - and what better way than a purpose made video! Videos will also show you how to use your product, with any special features also being demonstrated. See

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Follow us on Twitter to find posts about new products and trends. We regularly update on industry news, current affairs and any new rules and regulations. Twitter is a hub to catch any notifications on any new posts via Youtube and Facebook also as they are dirrectly linked! See