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Balanced Flue High Efficiency Gas Fires

Balanced Flue High Efficiency Gas Fires

Balanced flue fires are designed for those who want all the benefits of a gas fire but don’t have a built in chimney or flue in their home. A balanced flue fire comes with its own flue terminal which is vented directly through an outside wall.

They are glass fronted, completely room sealed appliances and work by drawing and venting external air via a pair of co-axial tubes into the fire for combustion purposes. The radiant heat generated from the fuel-bed combined with convected heat which is produced by cool air drawn into the base of the fire, through the heat exchanger and then emitted as warm air though the gap above the canopy makes balanced flues one of the most efficient types of gas fires available.

The Kinder Balanced Flue Range:

Kinder Dakota balanced flue gas fire††† Kinder Revolution Balanced Flue Gas Fire†† † Kinder Avelli balanced flue gas fire † †
Kinder Limours Balanced Flue Wall Mounted Gas Fire † † Kinder Eden balanced flue gas fire
†† Kinder Carmelo gas fire††
Kinder Cameo balanced flue gas fire
††† Kinder Proclaim balanced flue gas fire

The Verine Balanced Flue Range:

Verine Alpena Balanced Flue Gas Fire† †††Verine Meridian balanced flue gas fire†††† Verine Avelli suite balanced flue gas fire

Verine Fontana Compact Balanced Flue Wall Mounted Gas Fire† † †Verine Fontana balanced flue gas fire † † Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire†††††††††††††††††††

Verine Eden balanced flue gas fire † † Verine Carmelo balanced flue gas fire†††††††††††††††

The Flavel Balanced Flue Range:

Flavel Calibre Balanced Flue Full Depth Gas Fire†††††Flavel Orchestra Balanced Flue Slim Gas Fire†††††Flavel Raglan Balanced Flue Slim Gas Fire

Flavel Rocco Balanced Flue Wall Mounted Fire†††† Flavel Jazz Balanced Flue Wall Gas Fire

The Global Balanced Flue Range:

Global Corda Balanced Flue Gas Fire†††† Global Fantasy Balanced Flue Gas Fire††

Global Siena Balanced Flue Gas Fire†† † Global Naypia Balanced Flue Gas Fire†††† Naypia Compact Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Global Sorrento Balanced Fire Gas Fire Suite†† † Global Alessandria Balanced Flue Gas Fire Suite††††††††††††

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